20 October 2010

Thumbs up for the Scots

One of the things I like most about Prague is that it surprises me! I can’t think of a month that has passed without some occasion or insight that has either surprised or delighted me. I’ve already written about many of them and, now, men in skirts!

While I’ve never been to Scotland, I have seen men in kilts before, rarely, and usually in association with a parade and bagpipes. But this past week, I noticed an abundance of men in skirts on the streets. Some were walking alone, some were in groups and, over a couple of days, the numbers grew until I thought there must be some kind of national Scottish holiday these men were honoring. Finally, I asked my buddy at the Irish pub where I frequently eat lunch, “Why all the men in kilts?”

He explained that there was a futbol—soccer to us Yanks—game in Prague between the Czechs and the Scots, and all these fine men in kilts were here to cheer on their team. A visiting friend was lucky enough to see a group of these fans as they hung out on the famous Charles Bridge—the perfect photo op!

They are gone now. The Czechs won the match 1-0 and are now second behind Spain in their group, competing toward the semifinals of the 2012 European Futbol Championship. I’m glad the Czechs won, as this is my adopted home for now, but I give a huge thumbs up to the Scots who were so supportive of their team that they outnumbered the Czechs two to one at the match. That is a terrific fan base. I will miss seeing them around.

Photo by Marianne Drain

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